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Exploring India Serb in Dubai
Exploring India

Around 3 years ago my arse was fitting an armchair in the suburb of Belgrade (Kumodraz city). The clock showed 4 PM and that was a sign that Tv channel needs to be moved to number 701 or the Travel channel. Approximately 5.1 times per hour there was a commercial about Incredible India. The spiritual, monumental place which is the homeland of 1.3 billion people never actually made a big impression on me. I was deceived by numerous viral videos of primitive people who harm each other for no reason. I was sure that my foot will never step on Indian soil. Three years later here I am, standing in a queue for eVisa at Indira Gandhi airport in Delhi.

To be frank, I will never do that if there were not a lot of amazing Indian people in Dubai who convince me to try. Obviously, my mother wasn’t convinced. A daily controller of my digestion tablets collection, she was the only difficulty I felt in trying to reach India. (Visa requirements are nothing special, pay 40 dollars and see you there – for Serbian nationality).

The purpose was to visit and experience the Indian Punjabi wedding of this beautiful couple (Aishna and Nikhil, yep they have a website). I am sure that at some point of your life you entered random people’s weddings to have fun saying that you are from the bride’s side.

Well, imagine now that you come randomly to a wedding in a different country that you never visit before. ???

Guilty!!! and that’s the point.  This is how great and hospitable these people are. Aishna family hosted us like we are her far family lost in Eastern Europe 100 years ago. In India, there is no 3 days guest rule.

You might think that weddings in your country are cool. Well, you know nothing. Attention!!! Stats are coming:

  1.  4 days
  2. 500 guests
  3. 30 nationalities
  4. 5 locations
  5. 20 chiefs
  6. 40 aunties
  7. 10000l of KingFisher

The wedding is divided into four days and every single of them has a purpose.

1st day or Mehndi is a day when the female part of the family is consuming all left stashes of ink. Point is that bride should look totally badass and her bride like a Mexican mafia. Guys are occupied with drinks.

2nd day – or rehearsal day. (It is a common thing the bride’s family is competing with the groom’s family who is better DZole Djogani-s. In order to win, we needed a lot of practice. Since I was the only “Gora” from bride’s side, they put me in the back to imitate the tower. Thank you, choreographer -.-

3rd a.k.a Sangeet | Ultimate Dancing competition. Pre-party for the big feast. Shameless challenge. Personally my favorite day. It does not matter if are you in diapers or old (again in diapers), everyone is dancing. Indian music is something like Punjabi MC thingy, which is perfect for your body beats. Disclaimer: Do not eat a lot of curries before dancing. Just saying.

4th day- Wedding day. The religious part of the wedding. In respect of family privacy, no video was recorded. Also, was so busy with Paneer Tikka Masala to record.

Of course, the wedding was not the only thing that left an impression on me. There is other stuff there, like traffic. Word traffic loses meaning when you say it in India. A place where cows have more rights than Bus and wherein 1 line(like there is a line????)  3 Tuk Tuks* can fit.  Let’s take a moment and try to figure this situation.

Who has priority here?

  • bus
  • tuk-tuk
  • car
  • motor
  • cows

You are right  – everyone!

Besides all these mad Maxes India has also good drivers. I just still didn’t find them. The interesting thing is that they are 0% stressed about all these situations. A Little bump is usual but no time for arguing, the cricket match is starting in 10 mins. Oh yes, Cricket!

Cricket in India

Mother of all sports.Cricket in India (Did you know that game India vs Pakistan is the most-viewed sports event in the world?) In India, everything is in the colors of cricket. The sport unites rich and poor, north and south, biryani and butter chicken lovers. Stadiums are hosting up to 200k people and even tough games can last 6-7 hours, everyone is focusing like it’s a prayer. Speaking of prayers, India has more than 100 different religions -subreligions, but I noticed only one – Cricket-ism!

Food in India

The tastiest part of Indian culture. I never knew that Vegetarian food can be so delicious. Despite the fact that you are spending 2.3 hours per day in the toilet this cuisine is a must-try. Keep in mind that your spicy handling level and there is not the same!!!. If you are a big fan of Leskovacka muckalica this is a right place for you. These are some I recommend:

  1. Bhindi do pyaza
  2. Malai kofta
  3. Aloo gobi
  4. Paneer makhani
  5. Ragda pattice

Indian ladies

Indian ladiesThere are a few rumors about why Alexandar the Great tried to reach India so badly. Respect, gold, to become the greatest. That’s all fake news :) Girls are the main reason*. The beauty of Indian ladies can be described in a 20cm thick book.
With their dusky complexion, and feminine and black shiny skin Indian women are considered most beautiful by many experts. Having in mind that the average Indian lady could have Greek, Arab, Persian, Portuguese, French, and British blood, interracial marriages gave them the best of all races. Also, Indian ladies are caring, and diligent, keeping their family in place but still professionally oriented. Last but not least they make awesome Gulab Jamun.

In the end, I would like to say big THANKS to all the Indian friends who host us and made our trip unforgettable and incredible. Because yes, India is indeed incredible.

Indian wedding

More photos here.

*In India, it’s called auto but Tuc Tuc is way much cooler.

*he was bi, not gay.