Hello Serbia, hello Dubai,

This is just living from the perspective of one SerbInDubai. One of many Dubai Serbs. What are the things you should know before you come and which are the places you should visit when you are already here? These and many other topics will be covered by Serb in Dubai. Everything on this blog is strictly subjective. This Serb spent almost 3 years here and still isn’t broke so consider him a relevant guy for this task.  So if you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask him on this email.

Who is SerbinDubai?

Former Belgrade-r, student, future entrepreneur (inshallah), business consultant, Mensa member, sports freak, language lover, life hacker, Dubai blogger etc. Trying to inspire and motivate people all the way to success. Trying to climb to the top. Dubai has 26000 millionaires ( 1 in 5oo approximately). Why shouldn’t we be one of them?

Topics which Serb In Dubai will cover?

Mostly topics that any geek would read. A lot of numbers, facts, and fascinating stories of interesting people who may not seem so important in our mundane lives but we definitely can’t do without. How to make your photos look like UNICEF ones? How to cook anything other than boiled and scrambled eggs, How to “Tike Tike(with the nod)” to Indians? Or “Ouw Ouw” to Filipinos? And the most crucial part – how NOT to get broke on the 28th of every Month – luckily there is always February. Let’s swim into the Dubai bloggers community and try to learn more about this place One thing is for sure 1EUR~4AED.

Mission and Vision of Serb In Dubai?

Mission – Help an ordinary Serb to overcome tough situations in Dubai and provide him with necessary information about life using tips and tricks from his treasure of insightful day-to-day knowledge. (Did you know if you stop taxi from right side of Sheik Zaid road you might save up to 10AED?). Provide truthful information about Serbia and try to make this country #mustvisit place. More about that on the following page Explore Serbia.

Vision – to build a virtual environment that could help a young Serb to step into the wildlife of Dubai without any past experience and foreknowledge and misleading stories. ” My aunt was here for 6 hours waiting at the airport for her next flight to Australia and she told me that Dubai is not cool like the photos and it is very dirty”

Serb in Dubai vs Stefan Velickovic
Serb in Dubai vs Stefan Velickovic

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Hi, I am Stefan and I am a freelance web developer from Dubai. My strengths are Blogging, Web Designing, E-Commerce, Graphic Designing and pretty much whatever is possible to do on the internet.