Who are the Serbs?

Serbia is a mythological nation stuck on the Balkan peninsula. Descendants of South Slavs, these guys have participated in some of the biggest world events – “Discovery of Rakija” , “WW1 misunderstanding”, “Invention of power/wifi – N.Tesla” and probably the biggest culprits of Twilight saga movies (created vampires – sorry guys). They are also known as ” the Oldest species”, “People from heaven” and many more. Some people say that they are fearless and brave but when promaja strikes- everyone is running away.

(Promaja -the biggest enemy of the Serbs , cold assassin and sneaky bastard. Usually attacks from back and hitting the “Krsta” ).


->Windy draft that happens when two windows on opposite sides of the house are opened.

Currently there are ~ 12-13 millions worldwide and most of them you can recognize by these things.

TOP 25 facts about the Serbs

  1. Getting best business ideas in Kafana.
  2. Never like to start discussion about politics – 30 mins after you are forced to admit that Putin is the best president in the world.
  3. Always invite you for 1 rakija – always you finish with 5+.
  4. Hold a remote controller in cellophane bag.
  5. Never read the manual for electronic they just bought.
  6. No matter how late they are they will always come in 5 mins.
  7. Whenever they say “I will let you know later” , they will forget.
  8. Use to live better in Tito time.
  9. Never go out with wet hair.
  10. Have a daily routine of drinking coffee 3 times per day.
  11. Every Serbian male is an expert in repairing job, when he screws up repair, usually blames his wife/kid/sister for malfunctioning device.
  12. Use rakija to treat inside wounds, use rakija to treat outside wounds.rakija
  13. Spend more than earn on weekends -> ” It is one life ” – rule.
  14. Swearing all day after a “it is one life” -rule night.
  15. Serbs don’t recognize words such as “not allowed”, “forbidden” etc…
  16. Drink tea only when they are sick.
  17. The biggest experts of Golf 2.
  18. Never like to interfere in conflict. Always interfere in conflict.

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  19. If you bought a wine to a serb as a gift, don’t be surprised if the same bottle is returned to you, we don’t drink wine and we don’t remember who bought us what.
  20. On every Why? answers with “jebiga”.
  21. Cry when they marry daughters , celebrate when they send sons in army.
  22. Playing Russians in American movies.
  23. In every contest they are moral victors.
  24. Entering European Union for nearly half a century now.
  25. Never ate enough in front of their grandmas.serbs grandma