Belgium’s paradise city of Brussels

Based on my life experience and some weird logic to enjoy life and be happy you need a few things:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Endorphin

For the first and second I can’t help much but for the third, there is a solution. Eat CHOCHOLATE.

Where is a better place to find the same if not in Belgium? There are plenty of stories where the first chocolate is found and I am not gonna go into that but one thing is for certain. Belgium’s chocolate is so delicioussss. That was one of the reasons to check out this place.

One of the reason but not the main reason. What can be better than chocolate you are wondering. Well, guess one?

Beer of course. Litres and litres of beer. Small, Big, Dark, Light, Strong or Girly all of them are here. So if you are a fan of these two (don’t mix them though ) you need to come here.

Things to do in Brussels

To be quite frank I stayed only three days but these were quite dynamic. First thing what I usually do is checking activities on airbnb. Some cities have shared activities where local people can take you places and show you hidden gems of the city. I got amused by two.

  1. Making and tasting local chocolate. (Quite interesting experience after which you look like a baby left with a cake. During the 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to temper chocolate and, from it, craft 2 types of Belgian chocolates. At the end you eat it all like a monster)The link is here.
  2. Beer tour. (Pretty much a fast tutorial to become a sommelier for the beer. Many people many litres. “In vino veritas” ancient Romans use to say but trust me after a few dark ones you are bubbling your life with other unknown visitors). The link is here.

 More interesting places in Brussels

Check out the peeing guy. Fun fact: People around the world are competing who will create the best clothing for him. Every year 1000s of designs come to his address and some hipster dudes decide is it worth for him to wear it. At the time I was there peeing guy was dressed in Eden Hazard’s football jersey.

Discover where parliament of Europe is. You know the place where all political decisions are made. Where Vucic plays peace and war with Taci. (presidents of Serbia and Kosovo). Where young politicians are having a blast party after every working day???

Atomium experience. This is very cool. Super big atomic look like structure next to Heysel stadium. Originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. Today is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world.

Delirium pub. More than 2000 different beers. They said that no matter how much time you visit it you should never drink the same beer twice. I respected their house rule and promise to come back.

And of course this amazing sunset. ?


Special thanks for the lovely Milica (my high school friend) who showed me around and lost us 3 times.

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