Did you know that if you stop a taxi from the right side of Sheik Zaid road, you might save up to 10 AED?

Serb in Taxi
Serb in Taxi


In Dubai we are lazy. Let’s say that 50,48% of people are using taxis along with the metro. There are 15 000 cab drivers driving around in the city on every moment of the day. According to my calculations the monthly cost for taxi is approximately 400 AED~100 Eur. Starting fee is 5 AED but the minimum amount you have to pay is 12 AED. Consequently,  the logical question arises –> How to save as much you can?

Normal people would say ( “Don’t go with the freaking taxi and use the bus or buy a car!“). Well yeah, but where is the joy in that when you cannot have a nice and cosy conversation with “the Boss”). Where else you can hear pleasant Punjabi music which will bring Nirvana in your life? NOWHERE!!!!

So shout up and focus on your route. Dubai is one big crossroad. If you miss one turn you end up checking Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi (which I strongly recommend) because there is next one. In case you have more experience and know the road better, you need to be sure that taxi driver knows the same one.  Otherwise –> Mala Krsna style.

So here are tips to save up to 10 AED:

  1. Check on which direction of Sheikh Zaid road you need to go and walk across to that side.

    Taxi in Dubai
    Tip for Taxi
  2. Mention a  famous landmark which is close to your place. (Next  to that Mosque you know – There are 1418 Mosques so learn the name!)
  3. Remember the street which will lead him to you place ( Hessa street, Al Khail Road, Al Marabea , Al Waha etc.)
  4. Don’t forget your belongings and avoid JBR tour.
  5. If you catch a taxi in front of the Airport starting fee will rise up to 20 AED, so the same thing you should do…just cross street and it’s 12 again.
  6. Keep in mind that if you stop him for 12 AED ride you will be accompanied by numerous Urdu swears.

Now, when you know all these things I wish you “A pleasant and safe journey with Dubai Taxi Cooperation“.

In addition , check out the topics you can cover with our beloved drivers.

Topics you will cover with a Dubai taxi driver:

  1. Comparison of Pakistani and Indian biryani.
  2. Haile Gebrselassie and Kenenisa Bekele.(African drivers)
  3. Why cricket is the best sport in the world.
  4. I love Serbia!!! It’s close to Russia , yes yes boss very cooold”.
  5. Kashmir conflict.( not recommended).
  6. The funny joke I heard last time (Why to Pakistani cricket team was given a cigarette lighter?Ans: because they lost all their matches.   😀  😀 ).

P.S These guys work 12-hour shifts, 7 days per week. They have holidays once in 2 years. Make their day happy or at least give them some tips from time to time. Being a human is not hard!!!