What photos of Dubai you #musttake to annoy your friends in Serbia?

Young Serb is on his couch and preparing for a few days’ trips to visit his friend in Dubai (a few days = until he finds a job). Wondering what awaits him there, he timidly checks the Instagram photos and IDJ videos in order to prepare for his new world. His mother is quite happy because he chose Dubai as the next station in life because there, he has no major worries other than he had to step out after a shower and die of brain inflammation. (It’s rather hot here).

After 5 mins of intense research, he starts imagining himself in various positions: at the beach, next to Burj Al Arab, in front of Burj Khalifa, and of course next to the pool in his building with the newest book of zorannah and half-shaved legs. My heartbeat rate is going up and everything’s ready for boarding the luxurious Fly-Dubai 737-300 to Dubai.

After capturing a few photos of the clouds from an airplane window, and posting captions like “On the road again”,” Wanderlust in heart” and “Travelling is my life”, he finally lands and takes his first breath of Dubai air. Dubai air is approximately 70 % humid during the year so if you are suffering from Asthma keep your air pump next to you.

His friend arrived to pick him and everything is ready to discover this awesome place. First station – Shaik Zaid Road!!! BAAAAM!!!! Serb didn’t even take his first selfie but the good fellas from Dubai Roads did. This photo is commonly known by “Salik” and costs only 20 AED . Well, like we Serbs like to say “It’s one life!!!”. 15 mins of riding around Dubai and wondering about the thoughts on your mind. Where should I take the first photo? When do I upload them for everyone to see and like? Which filter to use from Instagram-> Juno, Clarendon or Valencia?

In order not to waste any time on that, SerbinDubai will give you ultimate hints to take the most amazing photos.

TIP1 – Photo in front of Burj El Arab.

Probably the most famous hotel in the world is a great place to take your first shots. This magnificent structure attracts more gold diggers than any other place in the world. Carefully choose your spot and be ready to defend it from them. burj-al-arab-with-friends photosResearchers showed that 4:00-5:00 PM is the best time for selfies and 6:30 PM for profile photos (Lights are on and the sun is setting down). Posting this photo on FB approximately brings 100+ likes and 3+ comments. If you have additional attributes (_|_) it can go up to 300+; Appropriate tags #mydubai #lifeindubai #onlyluxury #fallinlovewiththisplace.


TIP2 – photo beside rare car a.k.a vidi gde sam ga parkir’o.

Serbs love cars. Average Serb knows more about karoserija (body) of Golf 2 than his own wife and kids. So basically Dubai is heaven for them. Rare and luxurious cars can be seen everywhere. At the mall, hotel, garbage container, or simple shops, Ferraris and Lambos are there. The tricky part is how to create a photo where you actually touch the door handle of the car without starting the alarm. This type of photo retrieves 30+likes (because only boys will notice this) and 1 comment from your uncle “Nemoj da ga teras po dzombama”. Appropriate tags #myride #iforgotmykey #fastandfurious #videgakulundzicu

TIP3 – Casual morning at the pool

Serbian ladies from another side like pools more, even though they never go inside them. The pool is encouraging them to read and liberate their spiritual side. poolphotosCapturing these moments of enlightenment usually goes along with promoting healthy food and a fitness lifestyle. (Orange juice, milkshake without sugar and only soya milk, newest bikini). Important facts about taking pool photos:

  1. The only books written by Olivia Palermo, Ana Delo Ruso or Alexandra Potter – ( recommended one How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits – trending on Instagram since January) will be taken into n consideration.
  2. Juice needs to be fresh, so the foam can still be on top which will give better shmek to the photo.
  3. Kids or unshaven men in the background are not good for the popularity of the photo.

With appropriate hashtags like #instafitness #healthylifestyle #poolandheatlh #instapool and inspirational quotes like “You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are.” you can gain up to 150 likes and 10+ comments (Expect some emojis like “Macko”,”Preslatka”, “idemooo” or “??”).

You finished your daily duty of taking photos and you can return to real life. Your friends are notified that you had breakfast, your family knows you are safe, ex-girlfriend hates you more. Life is so good in Dubai.


There is an interesting fact outcoming from this story. Dubai inspires and takes the most from human creativity. Although there are always some clichés, people in this great city on a daily level come up with amazing ideas. Just check the profiles like @dubailoving , @sublime.dreamer , @crogopro ,@dubaicatofficial , @caterina.ciacatani and you will see human creativity on it’s best. Also from a scientific point of view, #dubai hashtags bring more likes to your profile than the other cities. Currently, the two most used are #vscodxb and #vscodubai . Try putting them and let me know how your post stats reacts. Now start Shooting!!! 😀

You can’t miss taking photos from clubs. For more about Dubai nightlife check here.

Serb in Dubai
JLT lake in Dubai