Abbreviations in Dubai
Abbreviations in Dubai

Living in IMPZ but working in DIC

Usual start of a conversation with someone you meet for the first time and you want to be a smart-ass. Serb in Dubai likes to be a smart-ass and that’s why he dedicated this article to you. Abbreviations are a common thing in a language of Dubaians. You can easily crack how long they stay in Dubai by their ABB knowledge. ” Hi man let’s meet at DFC next to R-C*”. Expats who spent less than 1 year will probably think about your bad pronunciation of K  and prepare their stomach for delicious Zinger Twister Meal. But the real deal is who still eat in KFC when Kulcha King opened new branches all over the city. So to avoid confusion, Serb in Dubai will reveal the formula for you.

Abbreviations formula

  • D –  believe it or not, it stands for Dubai. But, if to you girls someone suggests meeting D on Tinder trust me it is not Dubai.
  • I – usually stands for International or Internet.
  • M – Media, Marina or Motor. Yep, we have Dubai Motor City.
  • C – Center, Circle and of course City. Studies have shown that City is the 2nd most used word in abb.
  • F – Financial

A personal favorite is  Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media or TECOM. It was so hard for people to get what it stands for,  so recently they renamed it in something innovative ->Barsha Heights.

I was always wondering who gives the names of these places. It looks like these “creative” minds compete with each other who will give the most complex name. Obviously, the IMPZ guy won. International Media Production City – or if you use taxi Ghaya hotel boss“. Although the name is super cool, you cannot use that argument to invite girls to come. Nope, it doesn’t work they won’t come. In other hands if you live in JLT** or JBR*** chances are increasing for 69%.

ASAP, NDA, FYU, KPI, SLA, POC are synonims for NIGHTMARE. Imagine your work starts around 8 am. The night before you took a bit more of Chicken Tikka Masala and Red Horse so you need time to adapt to a new day. Suddenly in your inbox, an email appeared: “FYI , I still didn’t receive a signed NDA for future POC. Please check what’s the status of that and let me know ASAP”. After a usual SKK look,(and MRS U PM thoughts) you are adding one more title to your resume – Cryptoanalysis officer and start your research. To avoid these awesome mornings Serb in Dubai is there for you one more time.

Abbreviations in working environment:

  • FYI- (For your information) A.K.A****  you screwed up something badly.
  • ASAP -(As soon as possible) basically means you are not having a lunch break today.
  • NDA – (Nondisclosure agreement) something like your grandma is making awesome Gulas but no one can know the recipe.
  • KPI -(Key performance indicator) if this number is not one which your manager expects, say goodbye to brunch plan for Friday. :/
  • OOO –

    Out of office
    Out of office

P.S Abbreviations are really crucial for life in Dubai. Please learn a few of these before you come and you will be in huge advantage compared to others.  BRB*****.

* Ritz-Carlton

** Jumeirah Lakes Towers

*** Jumeirah Beach Residence

**** Also known as

***** Be right back