Brace yourself winter is coming!!!!

Average Serb waits for many things in life but the one who lives in Dubai waits only for one -the month of October (and salary as well). Why? Simply because we can finally go out. Average temperatures in Dubai during the summer days are enough to make popcorn without a microwave. Humidity  – don’t even mention that. Just imagine instant showering the moment you leave your beloved apartment (in Marina with just a few roommates from all around the world = 10, Mostly South Asians). But October is something beautiful. This is the period when all Dubai-ans start preparing for the winter season. So brace yourself!!! Winter is coming.


First and the most important thing to prepare is a new bikini or swimsuit. Water temperature will drop under 30 degrees Celsius, so no more sauna effect.  Obviously, you worked out a lot during summer and you don’t want to show new abs in an old suit. Imagine what will your Instagram followers say if they see the same bikini in two different seasons. O.O Currently trending in UAE is the newest boy-2-part-swimsuit PAK-2017. This awesome piece of fashion increases your chances to avoid inappropriately dressed girls at the beach and gives you a wide range of freedom in the water.

Second and probably the most crucial thing is your liver. Brunch season is starting. For those of you who are not sure what branch is – imagine Rakijada u Pranjanima with mostly Brits instead of Serbs. This extraordinary event gathers people from all nationalities with the same goal – to get wasted. Branches can be found anywhere and the price range is between 200AED-500AED. It’s highly recommended to come in the taxi because you will probably forget where you parked your car (and of course SAFETY FIRST). One of the biggest advantages of these kinds of events is that you can see how easy is to swim in a fountain or how ladies do acrobatic moves on heels ( Thanks, mates!!).

Last but not unimportant thing is your winter clothing. You can imagine how big a frustration for Serb is when he is not able to wear his favorite tracksuit for more than 7 months. :/  But these days are over. Cozy Adidas finally found a way out of the closet and will replace fancy t-shirts which our girlfriends told us to buy. If Jelena continues to make EX-YU 90s parties don’t be afraid if you see a bunch of people in tracksuits on the street. These are just Slavs with an astonishing taste for fashion.

This article should be longer but jebiga drunk ginger ladies are waiting. See ya next week.

In addition, see how our kabayans prepare for winter in Serbia…