The first month in Dubai is Khallas. You worked hard, fulfilled Facebook with photos you #musttake and everything is going according to schedule. Suddenly you receive SMS. To be honest you probably never hold more than 2k Euros in your hand and now the feeling is incredible. Thousands of thoughts are crossing your mind. What to do with all that money? If we neglected the fact that most of that will go on accommodation, spending the rest of it is pretty entertaining. In order not to use your head for other things than haircutting, SerbinDubai will share with you the ultimate 5 ways to spend your salary.

5 Ways to spend your salary

Buying an iPhone

Serb in Dubai is not a proper Serb if doesn’t have an iPhone. That’s the fact. How the hell do you think to take Instagram photos with that bricks? Shame on you. Mobile operators in UAE recognize that and put a special offer to us. For only 2000aed+ and 12 months of subscription, you can be the ultimate Serb. Taking selfies -> No problem. The picture in the elevator mirror -> again no problem. God bless iPhone. That moment when you go back to your homeland and leave the phone on Kafana table. Hmmmmm…… I believe all of us live for that moment. Priceless!!!………….The only problem might be that all your colleagues have it also, so you are not respected that much anymore.[Note that iPhone cannot be older than 5s….bigger-better]Iphone on Kafana table

Wessela Masina a.k.a gastarbajterska je tuga pregolema.

Every week there are plenty of parties going on in Dubai but not all of them are worth spending your salary on them. Except for this one. Ex-Yu band Wessela Masina with their Filipina mascot reminds you of old good days in the homeland and makes you sing from deep in your soul. Although their party looks like 25th graduation anniversary finding young folks shouldn’t be a big problem. If you see that guy in the first row cutting his veins on beats of Parni Valjak don’t worry it is Nesa and he is harmless. There are a lot of bands over here but these guys are special. They care about you. They know that you will enjoy the most of the atmosphere if your salary arrived on time. That is the main reason why they organize this event every first weekend in a month so you can find your Nirvana.[For more information check out their FB page]

Trip to Sri Lanka

Every non-working days in Dubai are a chance to explore some new places. UAE is very much a hub for every EUR-ASIA flight so visiting hidden beauties is imaginable. The Maldives are fine, Bali is amazing, and Mauritius is so so, but Sri Lanka is the ultimate badass place to visit. Why? CHEAP and you can do all this tempting stuff you can’t do in Dubai. Amsterdam of Asia. Heaven on earth. The whole world is small. The possibility to be kidnaped by the monkey is higher than that you won’t enjoy this vacation. [friendly reminder] Stay away from flies. Pictures with the tuc tuc and elephants will bring you tons of likes and comments on Instagram. So, book your ticket now. [Make sure you fly with FlyDubai so I can earn something. Use this link.]

Eating in a fancy restaurant

No more biryani, no more nuddles, no more cvarci from baba. The beginning of the month is certainly feast season. Period of time when we create stashes (read belly) for the end of the month. Other than buying unnecessary food for our home (like salmon fillets, New Zealand honey, and nutmegs) we want to treat ourselves and take our digestive system to a fancy restaurant. There are many fancy restaurants across Dubai but the ones which will suck most of your income are surely on JBR.Eat like a sir Eating in these restaurants requires certain preparation. Nope, you cannot go there like you go in Kulcha King. Ordering nothing less than Chilean vine will be considered as disrespect or a joke. The memory card should contain at least 2 GB of free space so you can make numerous photos with Ayam Cemani stick out from your mouth. Perfect place to take your friends when they come for a visit so they think you are rich. [P.S Make sure you split the bill].

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