Balkan brunch

Most people in Dubai are using “Friday to Friday” living system. Basically, means – can’t wait for a weekend so I don’t watch clients, bosses and other annoying humans anymore. Friday is a day for fun.
[If you do not work in hospitality – carry on]

There is a dozen of stuff to do but only a few of them will gather you and your friends on one spot. In Serbia, we call them Posela, in Dubai it’s called Brunch. You probably saw a bunch of videos with drunk Westerns falling in fountains and behaving like they are on Zakinthos. The event where you pay to test your liver and where ladies move like Captain Jack Sparrow. Yes, that is brunch.
For a long time, we were forced to visit this non-pleasant-for-the-eye places. Until now.

balkan brunch

Pedja and his friends decided to say NO Pasaran!!! After few attempts, they successfully managed to create first and only Balkan brunch. Thank you, guys. You found one more way to kill my savings.

The location is Donatello Hotel and all necessary information you can find here.
This Friday is going to be crazy so I am inviting you to come. Sarma is very good, ladies just came from Miss Universe competition.

In order to convince you to come and have fun with us, I am giving you facts why our brunch is better than others. Note: Serb in Dubai is advising you to take a taxi for this event. Trust me šŸ˜‰


Other brunches vs Balkan brunch.

  1. On Balkan brunch, you can eat sarma.
  2. We play Toma Zdravkovic songs they don’t.
  3. Kids are allowed to play under the table.
  4. Foreigners cannot say Jagnjetina so you can make fun of them.
  5. Using garlic instead of barbecue sauce.
  6. You can stick dirhams to singer’s face.
  7. Ajvar>Ketchup
  8. You can burn calories while dancing kolo.
  9. Singer pleasantly asks you to move you Golf2 plate number Du-XXXX in front of the entrance.[doesn’t call police]
  10. You can touch singer with dirty hands.
  11. You don’t need to listen to the stories how being vegetarian is great.
  12. We serve coffee before and after the meal.
  13. You will probably see your cousin you haven’t seen for 10 years.
  14. We put a checkered tablecloth on tables, not on the arse.
  15. You can order a song for your wife.


In case you didn’t know, there is a running giveaway. Share a link with a favorite song and you might win 2×1 free coupons for Brunch.