Gifts from Serbia
Tuuuuuuuuuuu, tuuuuuuuuuuuu, tuuuuuuuuuuuuu
SiD: Hello.
Mom: Hi SiD, mama here, I don’t know whats you plan for April but put it on hold I am bringing sarma.
SiD: But mom I have to do work and have some plans and ……
Mom: I don’t care. Clean your house I am coming.

How many of you had a similar situation? How many of you are forced to inflate airbed without any question? I got you, bro. Been there done that.

Guests, the most favorite kind of people in the world, like to “from time to time” destroy your daily routine. There are no many way outs, especially if they are your family. In Serbia, we say “for every guest 3 days is enough”. In Dubai that doesn’t work.

Let’s be honest, we love our friends and family but going on Desert Safari for a 5th time becoming a bit annoying.


But there is one thing which helps that these 10 running-around days looks like a “pfff it’s only 10 days” thing. I like to call them GIFTS from the sky. [it is funny since they are coming with the airplane, haah you see what I did there :P] They are coming in different forms and shapes. My personal favorite —> “possible to consume” form.

So today I am presenting you things you need to bring when coming back from your homeland.

Things you need to bring when coming back from the Serbia.

  1. Znaci plazma – Plazma is legendary Serbian biscuit which sweetened many generations. I am not sure if this is right but once I read that it is one of the rare biscuits in the world which can be delivered to the babies younger than 6 months. (and that’s the reason why we are tall) Apart from, that plazma is used for building up your beach body and for the breakfast time. It is also supplemented for protein shakes. There are some whispers that you can buy it in Dubai as well but I am not sure for the place [ Please leave in the comment if you know].

  2. Vinjak – Cure for every sort of depression. Dear visitor of every slava.  Enemy of liver and serious behavior. Can K.O. you before any MMA fighter. His majesty Vinjak. This liquid is one of the most famous medical tools used for rehabilitation from broken relationships and other problems. For a very affordable price, you can buy in any pharmacy or store. Vinjak is delivered from the fermentation of RCH2OH and Uranium 324 mixed with endemic isotopes of mad grapes and blue ferns which grew up in tunnels under city called Krusevac”*.<—- You see how good it is 😛 No matter if you are a chemist or not this drink is #mustpack.          –

  3. Sarma – mother of all food. Proud queen of the kitchen. The most essential meal on the table of any event. It’s a sweet pleasure of minced meat mixed with the rice in a cabbage roll. Famous on Balkan but soon and on the Middle East. Serbia Sarma It is so much important that we create age validation test based on sarma.  If the kid is capable of cutting his sarma and eating the whole piece – then it can seat with elders. If the boy can eat more than 4 pieces he is becoming a real MAN and deserves kiss in the cheek from his grandmother. Sarma is mentioned more than 5 times in my articles which promote her in the first place of all suggested things on the blog. Trust me and try it. P.S if you want to try this dish visit the amazing Balkan branch in Donatello hotel.

  4. Politikin Zabavnik – Crucial element of every education for people from 7-107. [The slogan once said “For everyone from 7 to 77”, but was changed, after the editor received a letter from a reader, saying how he recently turned 78 and asking if he was still fit to read it]. One part of the magazine is comics, while the other parts contain articles about science, sport , nature, history, art, interesting events, written to appeal to the broadest audiences. Encyclopedia in small. Connecting people around the world and produce great content with an every new publication.  Empowering people with knowledge since 1939. The question is why we need it? Politikin zabavnik is a strong tool for maintaining our culture and history and the biggest opponent of modern magazines which advertise [luxury, scandals, and celebrities]. Zabavnik is something what everyone should and need to read. From my point of view, it is the best weekly magazine in Serbia and pride of national journalism.                                                       Politikin zabavnik

Nothing you find here is paid content. The main point is to promote national goods and intentionally send a hidden message to my friends about what they should bring next time.

Some gifts for your friends: