How to take a tour around  Dubai with your visiting guests which will blow their minds but not your pocket?

Dubai is an expanding developing, but expensive city. That one can be seen in 50% of nowadays Serbian singers’ videos. The one which brings goose-bombs on your skin when you check it on YouTube and one which appears in most Instagram photos with the hashtag #richkidsofinstagram. These and many other things are the reasons why everyone wants to come and visit this awesome place. All you need is one kidney less and a FlyDubai promotion ticket.

These and many other things are the reasons why everyone wants to come and visit this awesome place. All you need is one kidney less and a FlyDubai promotion ticket.

Like in Vienna or Dusseldorf, everyone in Serbia has someone in Dubai, so better to sleep at his place (along with his fellows from Egypt and Morocco) and use him as your private tour guide. For us who work as a part-time travel guide, it is a wonderful period of the year when we struggle against bankruptcy and enjoy a new round of Coke and goods from Serbia.

Tip for inbound guests – In order to make your local tourist guy happy make sure you bring at least 1L of Coke, 1 package of domestic Gibanica, a jar of ajvar and some meze.

Your guests arrived and are ready to roll. Make sure you wake up early because when it comes to afternoon and 50 degrees Celsius you cannot do much stuff. Plan your day in front so you can find discounts and promotions for various packages. (Most of the promotions you need to book 24H ahead).

Some of the most popular places to take your guests are Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise or Burj Khaliffa Top View. For all of them, you can find discounts. If you buy tickets via an agency or on spot prices can go up to 100% and you will end up having nerve breakdown and nothing left for nice dinner in the House of Curry. To avoid this awkward situation SerbinDubai is recommending application like Groupon, YallaBanana or Kobonati.

Simple Math:

The place to visit: Burj Khalifa – view from the top.

Price on the spot: 200AED~50EUR per person.

Price on Groupon: 130AED~32.5EUR per person.

Saving: around 35% – Wooohooooo now you have for the Biryani!!!

It is crucial to make difference between male and female guests. Boys are more for sport/bleja/drinking activities and on another side girls are more for shopping/shopping/shopping activities.

A place to visit with boys/males guests:

Boys are always easy to satisfy. Beer in the pub with British mates when PL is on TV is always a good choice. (Despite the fact that they will yell 90 mins and spit on floor or TV but that is an another story). Most of the pubs will give happy hour treatment so you just check timings and you can save up to 40% for a drink. Karting and Laser Tag, for example, are a great way to entertain you and your guests. Cobone is giving amazing discounts on these activities and you can save up to 50%.

Simple Math class 2:

A place to visit: Laser Tag or Carting park.

Price on the spot: 90-120AED~25-30 EUR per person.

Price on Cobone: 40-60AED~10-15 EUR per person. (But this is only for 8+ attendees)

Saving: 40%-50% !!! now you don’t need to use RTA for coming back home, you have the luxury to take a taxi. (Most of this entertaining centers are in the middle of nowhere).

Massage centers – the biggest source of stress relief in Dubai since 2003  :D. Quite easy to find or if you are a lazy ass they will find you. Just park the car in TECOM for 10 mins. I am pretty sure you will find your rates even without SerbinDubai recommendation.

Massage Center
Massage center

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The place to visit with girls/females guests:


BE AWARE that if you are hosting a lady it is inevitable to visit malls. Good luck with that. For this section, SerbinDubai doesn’t find any way to save you or your banking account. But look that from the bright side. Did you ever try to act as a hanger all day? This is your chance.

Man hunger
Man hanger

Miracle Garden

Probably the most essential stop in your tour-the-Dubai adventure. Ladies will absolutely love it! Price is approximately 50AED~12EUR but with the sites like HitTheDeal you can find 50% discount. Still, that will not save you from taking at least 236 photos in 100 different positions and backgrounds. So buy her a selfie stick or train your right hand.

Miracle Garden
Miracle Garden

After a week of sleepless nights and just a few more days with you guests you are seeking for more entertainment and more fun for the end. Interestingly someone was smart enough and created a MUST-HAVE application called Entertainer. Probably the best saving app you can have. Easy to use and it will support your pocket until your last day with your guests.

Guys left and you are free again. You miss them but you miss more your dirhams. Next time is aware when you say: “yeah you can come and visit me sometimes” – BECA– USE THEY WILL!!!! 😀

How to take photos of your guests to check out here.


In the next sections, we will talk more about places to visit in Dubai. But until then have in mind that wherever you want to take your guests you can always find discounts or promotions. Just check on the web or contact SerbinDubai.