Reviewing Balkan Brunch

Last Friday Serb in Dubai was invited to be a part of a tasty event called Balkan Brunch. Since Serb in Dubai is a huge fan of domestic food and atmosphere, it wasn’t so hard to convince him on this step. The event started at 3 pm and from the beginning, it was obvious that the organizers of this event took care of everything. Opposite other restaurants, Balkan brunch accepts families with kids, and guess what? They have a free entrance. It was lovely to see youngsters enjoying various food from a Balkan kitchen. Speaking of the food, the hosts of this event brought chefs from our region so the taste was so delicious like my grandmother made it. There was also a vegetarian section. Balkan brunch foodIt is necessary to mention that there was a live performance where the singer made us feel like in Kafana. Funnily enough, the hosts took care even about the table covers and the checkered tablecloth completed the feeling. So if anyone appears in a checkered shirt, guests can always make fun of him/her and make him/her return the cover to the owner.

This weekend was special because we organized our first giveaway. The Lucky winner was Milos Djekic from Kac-Serbia, and he shared a prize with a second-placed lady like a true gentleman. So girls, if you want to add him on Facebook you can do it here.

Milos is a very nice guy and he accepted our proposal to review the food and atmosphere for us.

Reviewing Balkan brunch food (Serbian version)

Apologies for the low quality of the videos. I am still waiting for the sponsors to buy me a better filming tool. 

That will be it for this review. See you next weekend at  Balkan brunch and expect the unexpected.

Date: 3/17/2017

Location: Donatello Hotel Al Barsha

Time: 3-7 PM

Food: 9/10

Music: 8/10 ( they don’t play Ipce)

Host: 9/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

Overall: 9/10