Serbia safe

Is it safe to travel to Serbia?

We feel that most of the people who visit Serbia build a very positive opinion of our country. They like many different things, from architecture and monuments to people and food. However, the number of foreign visitors of Serbia, although increasing significantly every year, is still not on a level which people who have a nice opinion of Serbia would expect. Why is that so? We believe one of the main reasons could be – safety.

Writing these lines, we are referring to all of our non-Serbian readers, and we would really appreciate to be corrected if we are wrong, but – to us it looks like the most of the world is still of the opinion that here either the war is still ongoing or that it has just ended and there are suspicious people who could rob, kidnap or otherwise harm somebody who comes from abroad, especially from the west.

All we can say is – this is, simply, not true. Moreover, we guarantee you that Serbia is one of the safest countries you will visit in your life.

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Our war and turbulent history, at least in its violent manner, is the past. For more than a decade we are an active but peaceful place, a proud country but also a country that remains open and welcomes everybody who comes in a good mood and with a wish to get to know it and enjoy in its magic.

Of course, ugly situations do happen, but, trust us, those are really isolated incidents – back-pocketing, for instance, but you’re aware that this exists in any tourist place. You can feel completely safe during every part of the day and night. Belgrade the capital,  is a city that, literally, never sleeps and you can always find somebody in the streets who can help you. It is very common to see the city center full of people after midnight, or even in the early morning hours.

If you, even after reading this text, still have concerns about safety in Serbia, we repeat – contact us via this website or our Facebook page. We will try even harder to prove that you can come here and just enjoy your stay, without any worries of this type.

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